All those Sunday mornings watching Home Under The Hammer make home improvement projects look easy, however, we know life gets in the way and you find the list of projects piling up. Let us help you check off a few of the projects with simple DIY home improvements that won’t take you too long and can be done in the adverts of your favourite TV programme. 


1. Draught-proof windows and doors

Winter is coming… so get your windows and doors ready for that unwanted cold air creeping into your home

For windows that open, use self-adhesive strips – easy to install in gaps between window and frame – while silicone sealant is the product of choice for windows that stay closed. Sliding sash windows are a little more complex, and may require the attention of a professional.’ – 

2. Bleed your radiators 

Knowing your radiators are working correctly will save you time and money in the future. Run your hand down your radiators, if it is cold at the top and warm at the bottom, this means your radiator has air in the system and needs bleeding. 

‘Step 1: Turn off your central heating. Step 2: Loosen the bleed valve on the side of your unit with a radiator key, and use a mug or a rag to catch any excess moisture. Step 3: Wait for the hissing to stop, and then re-tighten the valve.’ – 

3. Make sure your lighting is ‘lit’ 

Updating something so simple as your lights can upgrade a room hugely. Swap out your old school light and white lamp shade with an abstract ceiling lamp. 

Also, creating different ambiences of lighting can create a homely feel, different types of lamps and bulbs can alter the mood of a room with no effort at all! 


Let us know if you have any tips to improve your home


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