HIS UK know how important saving energy and money is, so why not convert your loft and save on both!

Loft conversions are a great way to expand a home’s living space, not only will this create an extra room in your home but can also make it more energy-efficient.

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Energy Extras


To make your home the most efficient possible, here are a few extra energy tips:

– Energy-efficient windows – Using higher performing windows will cut down on high gas bills and create a warmer space. This is also a great way of noise-proofing the room and reduces condensation build-up.

– Heat from within – Using one of HIS UKs electric storage heaters in your new loft room will keep the cold out in winter but also save on your gas bills! An added bonus is that they are eco-friendly!

– Light for less – You can save up to £35 yearly by changing your lightbulbs to LED light bulbs.

–  Solar panels –A possible energy ‘add-on’ that’s unique to loft conversions is the opportunity to make a solar PV panels more economical to install. With reduced rates for the Feed-in Tariff (FITs), an incentive that pays for the electricity you generate and put back on the grid, you can improve return on investment by virtue of a less hi-tech aspect of installation: scaffolding.